Thor Mjolnir Top Secret SHIELD Dossier Paper Props Replica

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The file include the Nordic mythology of Bifrost, Yaggdrasil and Mjolnir, the legend of the Dark Elves, the personal files , etc.

Folder Size: 31*22cm/12.20*8.66inch

The secret file includes:
* S.H.I.E.L.D. file Mjolnir.
* 9 cards.
* magazine cover.
* 3 inner pages in the Nordic mythology book. (Records the legend of Bifrost, Yaggdrasil and Mjolnir )
* 4 inner pages of the Dark Elf Legend Book.
* Photograph of captured by astronomers, this is the first time has come to Earth.
* 5 stickers, including Loki's head, totem, etc.
* hand painted Bifrost.
* Bifrost theory written by astronomers on the blackboard.
* The painting of film.
* driver's license.
* Photo of Rocky.
* Jane's employee's card.

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